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Top four teams use Swim Tail® lures in tournament
Cross and Simmons win 2002 Summer Crappie Classics Tournament June 23 at Milford Lake
June 23, 2002 -
The team of Steve Cross of Carbondale and Terry Simmons of Overbrook had ten fish for a total weight of 9.26 lbs to win the 2002 Stabor Summer Crappie classics tournament at Milford Lake on June 23. The two won a total of $1,310 in prizes. Helping them with their win were yellow, white and green (chartreuse) Swim Tail® lures. The pair also won second big fish of the tournament. The pair finished second last year in the Stabor Classic.

Jim Bybee of Benton and William Ketterman of Wichita caught the largest fish of the tournament and placed second with a total of eight fish. Among their arsenal were white and yellow Swim Tails. The pair used Swim Tails to help them place in the money in the 2001 Stabor Classic.

Also using Swim Tails were third place finishers Shawn Edwinson and Michele Jump of Lawrence. They were using yellow, pink, and white Swim Tails.

Fourth place finishers Jimmy and Daniel Moison of Topeka used white and chartreuse Swim Tails to help secure their top four finish.

Lynn Beckwith of Ozawike and Joe Crai of Topeka used white swimtails to help them secure eighth place.

High winds hampered fishing

Wind gusting to 40 miles per hour, white caps and waves as high as three feet greeted anglers and they transversed the water to their predetermined locations. It was difficult for trolling and the best areas were in the coves. The northern part of the lake was silted in which left fihing along the submerged railroad tracks and river channels in a lake near its normal level. Morning temperature was 66 with a forecast to rise to the 90s.

The tournament was sponsored by Stabor Line Locks. Photographs of the tournament and other information can be found on the Stabor web site.

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