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Make Your Own Tackle DVD

No one provides better tacklecraft equipment than Do-it and no one knows how to make tackle better than the editors at In-Fisherman. In this video, we teamed up to provide you with step-by-step information on how to make your own tackle. This full length video will inform you on subjects such as safety, finding lead, melting equipment and the wide array of available molds. It will walk you through the steps to make several types of simple and advanced tackle including sinkers, jigs, weedless jigs and spinner baits. Plus, it shows you how to turn your lure into a work of art with paint, hair, eyes, skirts and more. Bonus footage of the In-Fisherman staff and editors using these products is included as well. A must for all beginning tacklecrafters.

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Check out the Complete Book of Tackle Making for even more information

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