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Information below is from early information we received from Do-It. If we find that some of it is not correct, we will notify you of changes before shipping your order.

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Diner Shiner

Do-It Diner Shiner Jig MoldHere's Do-It's newest entry in the mid-weight jig mold (mold model 3520). Starting with a 1/16 oz cavity, it steps up to 3/8 oz for getting deeper, quicker to catch the big ones. Made to accept the WB400 wire form for holding your soft plastic lure, the mold uses the popular style 570 90 degree hook including the popular sickle hooks as pictured. The 1/16 cavity is designed for a size four hook while the 3/8 size is designed for a 3/0. The head is styled after the popular ultra minnow heads and does a great job portraying a bait fish. Paint them up to match the forage in your favorite water and add 2D or 3D eyes for that added detail you can be proud of when you show your friends your latest jig creations.

Order Your Diner Shiner Model 3520 Mold - $33.96

Order Your Eagle Claw 570 Jig Hooks Now -
100 pack - Size 4 $4.19 -
Size 2 $4.19 - Size 1 $4.19 - Size 1/0 $5.19 - Size 2/0 $5.39- Size 3/0 $5.59
1,000 pack - Sz 4 $32.99 - Sz 2 $32.99 - Sz 1 $32.99 - Sz 1/0 $39.99 - Sz 2/0 $41.99 - Sz 3/0 $44.99
Prices include excise tax.

Check out sickle hooks by clicking here.

Order Your Wire Keeper Forms Now - WB400 100 pack $8.50 or 1,000 pack $67.50

Swimbait Head

Do-It 2018 Swim Bait HeadHere's a swimbait head with all the bells and whistles. This mold has it all. You will be able to pour heads from 1/4 oz up to 3/4 oz with Do-It's new double wire holder design that gives more holding power for your swim baits. Dress up your heads with 2D or 3D eyes to add to the realism of the bait. The mold uses 90 degree aberdeen jig hooks like the Mustad 32746NP. Recommended hook sizes are 4/0 - 6/0.



Order Your Swim Bait Head Model 3523 Mold - $33.96

Item# Type Collar Cavities   Hook Style
3523 Swimbait Head Wire insert with two barbs for plastics 5 (1 Each Size)  

Mustad 32746 90 degree style

Sizes (oz.)

Hook Sizes

Eye Sizes



Sz 2 1/8"



Sz 2.5 5/32"



Sz 4 1/4"



Sz 4 1/4"



Sz 5 9/32"


Insert Wire form WDB1000

Order Your Mustad 32746BN Jig Hooks Now -
50 pack - Size 4/0 $7.47 - Size 5/0 $8.15 - Size 6/0 $8.59

Order Your Wire Keeper Forms Now - WDB1000 100 pack $9.35 or 1,000 pack $74.25

Check out eyes by clicking here.

Ultra Minnow Blade

Do-It Ultra Minnow Blade BaitBlade baits have grown up. This mold starts with a 3/4 oz bait and steps up three times to a hefty 1 1/2 oz lure that can grab the big ones. Do-It has adapted their Ultra Minnow head a blade bait. This bait uses a new, larger blade and has recessed eyes for the addition of 2D or 3D eyes.



Order Your Ultra Minnow Blade Model 3518 Mold - $33.96

Order Your Brass Vibrating Lure Blanks Now AVLB-32 - *2109 25 pack $9.56 or *2110 100 pack $32.51

Order Your Nickle Vibrating Lure Blanks Now AVLB-32 - *2130 25 pack $18.56 or *2131 100 pack $63.11

The Ripper

ripper moldRipper - With an excellent swimming style action that has great side-to-side “wiggling” movement when retrieved both fast or slow, the Ripper’s ribbed body and boot style tail make it a super bait for fishing in all bodies of water.  

Matching large profile baitfish, the fat body of the bait makes a great rip jigging bait that triggers reaction strikes as it falls. The Ripper is deadly on trophy gamefish such as largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleye and northern pike. Proven on numerous trophy fish, in over two years of field testing, this bait is a winner! 

Rip ‘em up with the Ripper!

Item 96022. New for 2018

Order Your Three Cavity Ripper Mold - $29.93


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