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Here is a picture of a 17 lb steelhead that I caught on the Clearwater River in Orofino, Idaho in October..  I caught her on a yellow chartreuse, size 6 jig (one that we made with your hooks, mold and paint).  She was 34 inches long.

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Zebra Mussels discovered in Pomona Reservoir

Tyler wins BASS Central Open finale on home waters

Tyler takes charge at Arkansas River in Central Open finale

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2014 Kansas fishing forecast a recipe book
for great angling

Anglers can dish up a great day on the water using information
found in the
2014 Fishing Forecast

Lake Shawnee angler catches alien fish
KDWPT advises anglers who catch exotic fish to not return them to water

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Crappie limit reduced to 20 per day at Glen Elder Reservoir

KDHE issues fish consumption advisories
Advisories provide guidelines for eathing fish taken from certain locations

F.I.S.H. pays landowners to allow fishing access
Enrolled private waters can benefit from fish stocking and habitat management

New Kansas state record Rainbow Trout tips scales at 15.72 pounds

NEW STATE RECORD RAINBOW TROUT TIPS SCALES AT 15.72 POUNDSAngler Josh McCullough caught the behemoth trout from Kill Creek Park Lake in Johnson County

April 10, 2014 - PRATT – In Kansas trout waters, it’s not uncommon to drop a lure and get a bite after a few minutes, but to drop a lure, get a bite, and reel in a 15.72-pound rainbow trout is almost unheard of. Read Story


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September 17, 2014 - Cheney - Sept. 17, 2014 Weds. morning. Nice day to fish today. Found a huge school of shad but nothing caught trolling thru it. So, the Electric trolling motor got a work out today. In one spot 100+ perch. All were 6 to 8 inches. Not too big but a blast catching. One of my best days catching these fish. Fish almost each drop. Got so blasted tired left and tried some rocks next to shore in 2' of water that the state put in the water few years ago. These rocks you can see there that close to shore. Electric motor here also and caught about 10 nice fat White bass and a few Wipers 13". Very good day of fishing. On my way in i pulled a boat to boat dock. Few guys not happy with a dead boat. That was OK with me. On my way in anyway. Things should really pick up I'd think in the next few weeks. Water temp. 70 at 7 am. 74 at noon. Mark.

Cheney FishingJuly 29, 2014 - Cheney - July 29, 2014 Tues. morning. Started by vertical jigging for perch. 10 caught in the 8" length.  Then went to downrigging and came up with 8 Wipers most today were well over 21".  Two nice Walleye. One 26" other 22". Had to work at it today. Fish were tightly grouped feeding on shad.  Yesterday could only find perch and that was fun jigging for them. Caught around 20.  Mark.

July 24, 2014 - Cheney - July 24, 2014 Thurs. morning. As thought. Surface water temp. back up to around 80. Not back to wearing fish counter out but had a real good day. Total of 18 caught. Cleaned two really nice fat 24" Walleye's. Found shad only two area's and that's were i caught the fish. And the shad were limited in those area's but big fish feeding. Rest of fish were nice Wipers and 4 of those over 21" rest short. All of last week shad ALL over the place. Went to clean Walleye at cleaning station and bunch of shad feeding on my scraps in water. Forecast another cool front coming next week. The color of the Walleye were not pretty. Can't describe but just a flat color. Kind of ugly. But, fat and healthy. The Walleye i catch at Coffey Co. Lake, (wolf creek nuclear power plant) ? Those Walleye are extremely colorfully like you seen on T.V. or a magazine. Strange at Cheney.  Nice big fillets. Will cook for dinner. Mark

July 21, 2014 - Cheney - July 21, 2014 Monday morning. Fishing has taken a nose dive for me. Cool weather last week drop water temp. 3 fish caught all small. Not surprising. Occurred before in years past. Water temp. needs to warm back up and then watch out.  Mark





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