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We have what you need for catfishing

Whether you like the old standards like night crawlers, livers, shad and shrimp or dough bait, we have it. Maybe you like the new generation of dip baits like CJ's, Bee'-Jay, Wicked Sticky, Sonny's and Junnies complete line of dip baits, we have what you need. Read More about Them.

Dip Bait Lures
We feature all four styles of dip bait lures (or worms) from Junnies Cat Tracker in addition to sponge hooks from Magic and the Bill Dance Big'n Bait Holder and Bait Dipper. Read More About Them

Catfish Caller
We brought the Clonker to Kansas - This is the Catfish Caller you've been hearing about. Read More About It

When it comes to hooks for catfishing, Zeiner's can't be beat. We feature treble hooks and doughbait hooks from the really small to the largest available. You can also find stainless steel hooks for those big flatheads and blues. Maybe you want Kahle or circle hooks. We have them.

You won't find a better selection of weights than you will at Zeiner's. We feature the catfish angler's favorite egg sinkers from 1/10 of an ounce to eight ounces. Need bank sinkers, we've got them from 1/8 ounce to 16 ounces. We also have bell, bass casting, snagless, no roll, flat bank, split shot (regular and removable), pinch-on, rubber core, cannon ball, walking, and probably some we forgot about. Check our selection and order online.

Whether you want monofiliament or braided line, you'll find it at Zeiner's in as light as two-pound test to over 100-pound test.

You will find the size and style of swivels you need at Zeiner's. Barrel and snap swivels in brass or black are stocked from the small size 14 to as large as 5/0. We also feature a complete selection of three-way swivels.

Bank (set) Lines and Trotlines
We have ready made trotlines and all the supplies you need for making your own trotlines and bank lines.

We have the floats you need for catfishing ranging from the old standby round plastic floats to large casting floats. We also feature the Bowtie and Corker line of floats.

Skinning Pliers
Have you looked all over town for skinning pliers and they didn't even know what you were talking about. No need to look further, we have them.

Stringers and Baskets
Chain and nylon stringers in several sizes and styles are in stock at Zeiner's as well as a variety of regular and floating fish baskets

Night Fishing Supplies
Everyone know catfish bite a night. Get what you need for your night fishing at Zeiner's. We have black lights for watching your line, lighted floats, light sticks and rods that light up and glow in the dark. Need a cap light? We have them.

737 S. Washington #6 - Wichita, KS 67211 - Phone (316) 265-5551 - Fax (316) 265-6668
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