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You can probably find whatever you need in the way of tackle at Zeiner's. What we don't have, we will do our best to get it for you. You can also order out of the Bass Pro catalog at catalog price, with no shipping charges.

Accessories - Whether you need some line clippers or scales to weigh your catch. Zeiner's has them along with many other accessories to help make your fishing trip a success. We have Accent's Pro-Cut line cutter and lure holder you see on the Hawg Trough every year at the Kansas Sports, Boat and Travel Show.

Line - From two pound test to over 100 pound test, Zeiner's has it. We feature the new Vicious Ultimate (our hottest selling line this year), Fluorcarbon and Offshore; P-Line, Bass Pro's Excel and Tourney Tough; Berkley's XL, XT and Big Game; Stren Golden and Clear Blue Florescent, Cajun Red, Silver Thread, Maxima and Cortland's Camoflauge mono, braided nylon, dacron and lead core lines.

Reels - Casting, spinning, spincast and fly reels, Zeiner's has them all. Let us find the one best suited for your needs. We feature a selection of Bass Pro Shop's bait casting reels, St. Croix, Diawa, Shimano, and Quantum as well as 2007's hottest seller, the Abu Garcia Revo STX. Special order reels are also available.

Rods - Good quality and good prices. St. Croix, Falcon, Cortland, Quantum and Bass Pro rods are in stock every day. Zeiner's is a St. Croix Ultra dealer. If you want a St. Croix, Falcon or Cortland rod we don't have in stock, we can get usually get it for you in a few days.

Tackle Management - If it's a small plastic box from Plano or a soft plastics system, we have them. Tackle management systems from Falcon are stocked in all applications. Need rod or reel covers? We've got them. Need to store your rods, we have storage racks in vertical and horizontal as well as floor stands to store and show off your rods.

Terminal Tackle - See Zeiner's for your hooks, sinkers, swivels, and floats. We have those hard to find specialty items that you won't find in the tackle departments of general merchandise stores or other independent dealers. We probably have widest selection of styles and range of sizes of sinkers of any store in the state.

Catfishing Related - Junnies worms for catfish dip baits are featured in a multitude of styles and colors. Circle hooks from a number of different manufacturers are also available at Zeiner's. Check out our catfishing supplies.

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