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Do-It Molds - Specialty Molds
When pride is on the line use Do-It molds lure making supplies. A complete selection of supplies to make your own fishing lures, sinkers, jigs, baits, and much more...

Do-It Molds Saltwater Mold Description

Do-It Molds Snag Weight Mold
Do-It Molds SaltwaterSnag Weight Mold

Do-It Molds Sling Shot Pellet
Sling Shot Pellet Mold

Do-It Molds Strap Decoy
Strap Decoy Anchor - Ingot Mold

Do-It Molds Decoy Anchor Weight
Decoy Anchor Weight Mold

Do-It Molds Wrap Around Decoy Anchor
Wrap Around Decoy Anchor Mold

Do-It Molds Blank Mold for Custom Design
Blank Mold for Custom Design

Ultra Umbrella Rig

Ultra Umbrella Rig Mold

keel weight decoy mold
Keel Hook Decoy Weight
Order Below

Keel-Hook Decoy Weight (J-Style) - JDA-3-468 new

Item# Type   Cavities    
3483 J-Style weight   3 (1 Each Size)    
Sizes (oz.)
4 6 8

Order Your Model 3483 J Style Mold Now - $63.50

Order Your Keel Weight Tubing Now - 12 pack $17.00 - Pre-made tension straps to keep your lines tangle free

Make your own - Component attachments: 2 plastic O-rings; 3-C style Hog Rings; 1-10-inch neoprene tubing.

Order Your C-Rings Now - 25 pack $1.80

Order Your Plastic Rings Now - 25 pack $3.50

Order Your Rubber Tubing Now - 12 pack $9.50

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