Gary Yamamoto
Flappin' Hog II

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We Stock All 13 Colors

This bait made its debut in 2006 and has been improved for 2008. The redesigned flaps increase motion and vibration making it even more deadly on bass. This is Yamamoto's bait there's been so much buzz about.

The Flapping Hog is a heavy compact bait with great action when Texas or Carolina rigged. Use it with any jig head or add it to your favorite flippin jig and you have a winning fish catching combination! You can order online by clicking here.


FH-07-021 Flapping Hog II Black w/Blue
FH-07-042 Flapping Hog II Watermelon
FH-07-051 Flapping Hog II Blck w/Red
FH-07-194 Flapping Hog II Watermelon w/Black
FH-07-196 Flapping Hog II Pumpkin w/Black & Green
FH-07-208 Flapping Hog II Watermelon w/Black & Red
FH-07-213 Flapping Hog II June Bug
FH-07-214 Flapping Hog II Smoke w/Black, Blue & Gold
FH-07-297 Flapping Hog II Green Pumpkin w/Black
FH-07-301 Flapping Hog II Green Pumpkin w/Grn & Purple
FH-07-318 Flapping Hog II
FH-07-330 Flapping Hog II Green Pumpkin w/Pur & Cop
FH-07-335 Flapping Hog II





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