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Lure Molds

Buzz-Keel Buzzbait

Buzz-Spin Lure 

aCasting Spoon Lure

aDiamond Lure 

aEar Ball Lure

Flutter Lure 

Hammered Spoon

aJigging Spoon 

Lure Body

Minnow Spoon Mold

Shad Spoon Mold

Shad Bait Lure 

sStyle ZV Vibrating Lure 

aTail Spinner Lures

aShad Blade 

Bullet Spinner Jig

Bullet Spinner Jig - SJB 

Style C Spinner Jig 

Crappie Spinner 

Style H Spinner Jig

Banana Spinner Jig 

Horse Head-
Pony Head Jig

Sea Horse Jig 

Stand Up Spin Jig 

Slip Jig Lure

Ultra Minnow Spinner jig

Trolling Lure

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