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Hag's Undertaker Junior

When Tommy Hagler designed the Hag’s Undertaker, he couldn’t decide whether to call it a craw bait or a creature bait. That’s because he incorporated the features of both into one incredible bait. The specially designed “cups” on the claws and side appendages are designed to make them flap around with the slightest movement or on the fall as a pitching bait. Now you can get the same great features in a smaller bait, the Undertaker Junior

Any current in the water will make them move without you even moving the bait. The Undertaker can be fished any way you desire and can be modified to fit your style of fishing. It’s an incredible jig trailer. It can be shortened down for smaller jigs or left as is for regular sized or larger jigs. When the Undertaker is worked on a Texas rig, shakey head or Carolina rig, the side appendages fold under the bait, as if they were legs. The claws even move toward each other in front of the nose.

When stopped, the side appendages float out to the sides and the claws swing back out like a live crawdad in a feeding position. Then, the Undertaker stands up like a live crawdad going into a defensive position, with its claws extended out. We all know how a bass can not withstand the urge to devour a crawdad. The Undertaker even has Hag's special rattle chamber built into it and has the same soft feel to the bass as our Hag's Tornado worms do. Scented with garlic, we know this will become one of your “go to” baits.

The Hag's Undertaker is constructed in a manner to where it has an action like no other soft plastic creature bait. The Hag's Tornado has a built-in rattle chamber in the tail so that the fishermen can easily insert a rattle without damaging the worm. If this rattle chamber is left empty it will create an air pocket that will add extra buoyancy to the tail.

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Hag's Undertaker - Green Sweet Tator

Hag's Undertaker - June Bug
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Hag's Undertaker -Texas Pumpkin Melon
Hag's Undertaker - Watermelon Red
Hag's Undertaker - Black Widow
Hag's Undertaker - Hydro
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