Kick'n Bass® Attractants
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Kick'n Bass® from Scientific Bass Products








Don't let Scientific Bass Products' name fool you. In addition to three bass catching scents, they produce four other formulas, each for a specific species.

Catfish, Trout and Walleye anglers as well as saltwater anglers also can take advantage of the research and refinement put into the Kick'n line of attractants. Bass scents include anise, crawfish, and garlic.

Some of the strongest, most concentrated products on the market, Kick'n Bass® was formulated over 15 years ago by a professional  Chemist/Fishermen. He did not want to water the base down with filler chemicals. He didn't want to formulate with wallpaper paste, jelly etc. and then try and add fake amino-acids, color and more cheap fillers. Kick'n Bass has been winning tournaments for years.

Kick'n Bass® was not made for Television. They chose not to pay pros to endorse their products. The only people you will see promoting Kick'n Bass® are real fishermen.

Kick'n Bass® starts with a 100% pure, liquid fish oil base.  (What species of fish does not respond to pure fish oil?) This base of pure Fish-Oils is then fortified with proven fish attractants, natural amino-acids, fatty acids, proteins, scent and dispersion agents. It's the most concentrated fish formula's that have ever been created. 

Kick'n Bass® is 100% thick and heavy oil, no cheap fillers. It stays on anything it touches.

Kick'n Bass® with its complex fish-oil formulas stays on anything and everything for hours if not days. The thick, heavy oil will stick to a steel jig-n spoon for hours. It will stay on a rubber worm for hours, days, and out of the water. The fact that you don't have to re-apply every few minutes is one of the secrets as to why their formulas work so well. Bass can smell your jig-n pig, spoon, rubber worm or spinnerbait skirt for hours. They don't turn away from your lure, they attack it with a vengeance. A crankbait treated with Kick'n Bass® will smell of fish-oil for hours after casting. No other formula on the market even comes close to theirs. The original garlic has a very heavy smell to stimulate strike response. Garlic smell has been proven for years to attract all sorts of species of fish. Combine this with their fish-oils base and you have a proven winner. 

The company has pages and pages and pages of testimony on their website from people they do not pay. (Many satisfied anglers have written in what they experience.)

Made of pure Fish-Oils, proven fish attractants, natural amino-acids, fatty acids and proteins, scent and dispersion agents, Kick'n Bass® products were developed by a Chemist who loves fishing. Originally they were not made to be sold to the public, but rather for private use over 15 years ago. Then they became so popular they could not be kept a secret any longer.

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