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Kick'n Trout® from Scientific Bass Products


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Kick'n Trout was developed to be used on all species of Trout and Salmon.

The concentrated fish oils and scent enhances were specifically chosen to stimulate the bite response in this species of fish. The scent is a combinations of ingredients that make these fish bite. This product was first given a super hard test through the ice. It stuck to ice flies and jigs for hours and out produced everyone at every ice hole. Next it was tested on lakes and streams, the same results.

People are using it from North to South and East coast to West. Don't wait a year or two to find out it is the secret no one wants to talk about. In some lakes in California it is already the fastest selling Trout Formula on the market. Do yourself a favor, if you fish Trout or Salmon buy some now. It will enhance everything from nightcrawlers to egg sacs. You can turn a spinner or steel spoon into a fish oil smelling fish catcher. Remember big fish don't get that way from being dumb, they expect their minnow (steel spoon) to smell like minnows, think about that.

The four-ounce concentrated bottle will treat everything from flies to spinners, all with the same rod slamming results. It has a very light garlic oil under-note to stimulate strike response plus a great cheese odor that is deadly.    These smells have been proven for years to attract Trout and Salmon, combine this with special fish oil bases chosen just for these species and you have a proven winner!


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We can send up to five bottles in a small flatrate box. Shipping will be reduced to $6.95. We mail smaller orders first class. If you order one, shipping will be reduced to $3.95. If you order two or three, shipping will be recduced to $4.95.

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