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Floating Fish Grip
Team Catfish THE FLOATING FISH GRIP (HD) $16.95
floating fish grip
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Are you looking for a great new fish handling product developed to save your fingers from those catfish’s mouths? You have to try an awesome new product called THE FLOATING FISH GRIP (HD). It snaps on their jaws and won’t let go until you do. It’s a great product for kids and other anglers that aren't sure how to hold a catfish. Works great when releasing or taking pictures of your next big catfish!

THE FLOATNG FISH GRIPS (HD) even have a hole in the handle to hang a scale from.

Women love um, kids love um, we love um, and yes, we still have the skin on our paws to prove it! Get yours today, 16.95 ( YELLOW HD MODEL)

This yellow fish grip is heavy duty. The plastic is blended to match the rolling and thrashing habits of very large catfish when landing or handling them.

floating fish grip

Team Catfish - Foating Fish Grip
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Floating Fish Grip

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