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Secret 7 Catfish Dip Bait
Team Catfish - Secret 7 Catfish Dip Bait

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Team Catfish has come up with a secret formula for their catfish dip bait. The secret dip bait is being called Secret-7 Premium Catfishing Dip Bait. Team Catfish has Cat Tracker Bait Company (Junnie's) manufacture the bait for them using Team Catfish's secret recipe.

The Team Catfish, Secret 7, catfish dip bait is available in two different sizes. The first comes in a small tub with approx 1 pound of bait. The second one comes in a large tub with approx 4 pounds of bait in it.

The Team Catfish DEAD RED Blood Spray. When your cut bait looses all of its blood and scent, just reel it in and give it a few squirts of our all purpose catfish attractant. This liquid looks like and feels just like blood plus it is loaded with natural attractants and fish oils.

Don't Forget  to order your dip worms for this great catfishing bait. Order them here.

Team Catfish - Secret 7 - Small Tub (approx 1#)
$7.49 - Qty

Team Catfish - Secret 7 - Large Tub (approx 4#)
$24.99 - Qty

Team Catfish - Dead Red Blood Spray
$5.99 - Qty

Team Catfish - Dead Red Blood Spray - Case of Six
$24.99 - Qty
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* Note about shipping *
The bait is a heavy item in relation to the value so the shipping may be adjusted to cover actual freight charges. We always compare USPS vs. UPS to find the lowest cost for the customer.

If you are looking to maximize your freight we can do the following combinations for you thru the USPS.
Med. Flat Rate Box $12.45 will hold up to 6 small or 2 large
Lg. Flat Rate Box $16.95 will hold up to 12 small or 4 large.

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