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Secret 7 Trans Former Hand Towel
Team Catfish Secret 7 Trans Former Hand Towel

Have you ever forgot your hand towel when you went into the great outdoors? We sure have plenty of times! Wouldn’t it be nice to have some hand towels saved in your tackle box or stashed away in your boat? Well we are proud to introduce a great space saving portable product for all those times when you just need a wipe. Just add around 1 oz. of water to your *EMERGENCY* Hand Towel/Wipeand it will come alive, transforming itself into a convenient, 100% bio-degradable towel that’s easy on the environment and super durable. Never get caught with slimy hands again!!

All you have to do is:

Take a towel out of the package.

Pour 1 oz. of water on towel. Watch it expand and grow.

Un-twist and pull it apart.

Wipe whatever *&^#!

Team Catfish - Secret 7 - Hand Towel Pkg of 10
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